The Borough of Tuckerton

The Borough of Tuckerton sits on the western shore of Barnegat Bay. This map story, developed through a partnership of several programs at Rutgers University, examines how flooding from Hurricane Sandy affected Tuckerton as well as how flooding could change in the future due to sea level rise.

Climate Change and Flood Risk for New Jersey's Senior Citizens

This video describes the risks faced by New Jersey's elderly population with a focus on flooding and storm surge hazards associated with a changing climate.

New Jersey's Changing Shoreline

This video describes the dynamics of New Jersey's Atlantic Coast shoreline since the 19th century, using both historical maps as well as satellite image animation from 1984-2012 along NJ's entire Atlantic coast. Viewers can observe periods of erosion, beach narrowing and beach widening as they change over time.

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  • FEMA Q3 to PFIRM Changes and SLR

  • Pollution Sources and Flood Hazards

  • Transportation and Climate

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New Jersey and Climate Change: Impacts and Responses

Produced by the New Jersey Climate Adaptation Alliance, this video provides a comprehensive overview about impacts of a changing climate to people, places and valuable assets throughout the Garden State.

Climate Change and the Jersey Shore: Impacts of Coastal Communities, Ecosystems and Economies

Produced by the New Jersey Climate Adaptation Alliance, this video explores climate change and its effects on the Jersey Shore. Experts discuss temperature changes, sea level rise, coastal flooding and ocean acidification and how this impacts communities, ecosystems and coastal economies.

New Jersey Populations Vulnerable to Climate Change

This video describes the demographic and geographic attributes of socially vulnerable populations in New Jersey and their relation to flooding as an environmental hazard associated with a changing climate.

New Jersey Coastal Flooding Exposure Assessment

Coastal communities in New Jersey face an increasing amount of flood risk due to sea level rise. Using a mapping model developed by a team at Rutgers University, this map story illustrates how coastal flood exposure may increase in the future.For full report click HERE.

Newark - East Ferry

The East Ferry part of Newark is particularly vulnerable to flooding and other environmental impacts. This map story provides an overview of the impacts to the area from Hurricane Sandy as well as how future flood hazards could affect the neighborhood as a result of sea level rise.

Modeling the Fate of New Jersey's Salt Marshes Under Future Sea Level Rise

Sea level rise in New Jersey and elsewhere could substantially affect coastal wetlands. This map story, developed through a partnership of several programs at Rutgers University, explores how sea level rise may affect the salt marshes along the New Jersey coast. For full report click HERE.

Monetary Damages for Coastal Flooding: Toms River Case Study

Toms River was severely impacted by Hurricane Sandy. This map story examines how Sandy's storm surge affected property values, as well as how those values may be affected by future flooding due to sea level rise. For full report click HERE.