What is NJADAPT?


Getting To Resilience

​Online self-assessment process is a tool to assist communities to reduce vulnerability and increase preparedness.

New NJFloodMapper

​A redesigned visualization tool for local communities who need to make decisions concerning flooding hazards and sea level rise.  Combines the features from the original NJ FloodMapper and the Coastal Hazard Profiler.  The new Total Water Levels Tool provides a new approach to understanding the impacts of future flood events under sea-level rise conditions.

Quick Links

NJADAPT is an online tool that can be helpful to multiple audiences for varied purposes.  It can be used by the general public, government officials, businesses, and non-governmental professionals to understand how a changing climate is affecting and will continue to affect various populations, places and assets in New Jersey.  In addition, it is helpful to local officials, concerned citizens and other New Jerseyans who wish to integrate high quality data about conditions of a changing climate into state and community planning and decision-making. 

NJADAPT is constantly being improved.  It is being built to support planning and decision-making related to all impacts of a changing climate including sea level rise, temperature changes, precipitation changes, inland flooding, and drought.  In its current Version 1 form, NJADAPT is focused on coastal flooding, storm surge and sea level rise.  Over time, additional data will be added to the site on other climate impacts along with improved functionality to make it easier to use.  More reports and videos summarizing climate change impacts in New Jersey will be added regularly as well.  Sign up here to be notified when improvements are made to the site.

 This site has four core functions:

  • The Web-based tool provided within the Quick Links allows users to create maps, visualize flood hazards and sea level rise (NJ FloodMapper) to assess communities vulnerabilities and increase preparedness (Getting to Resilience).
  • The Understanding Climate Change tab on this website allows viewers to review reports regarding impacts of climate change in New Jersey.
  • The NJ Climate Stories tab on this website contains short videos that explain climate change impacts in New Jersey on a variety of topics.
  • The New Jersey Climate Adaptation Directory allows viewers to search on and identify climate change adaptation and preparedness data, tools, reports, model policies and ordinances, case studies, and current projects underway in New Jersey as well as add in their own efforts.

NJADAPT is a collaborative project of Rutgers University in partnership with other academic institutions, local practitioners, and state and federal agencies.  We welcome your feedback.  Please email us at njadapt@ejb.rutgers.edu if you have suggestions for additional sets of data or features that you would like to see on NJADAPT.


February 2017: Story Map on Industrial Facilities and Flood Hazards.  Access the story map here.  Access the project's final report here- "Using Geographic Tools to identify industrial and commercial facilities for which pollution prevention efforts may reduce exposure to hazards associated with climate-related flooding"

The final New Jersey Climate and Health Profile Report was released in December 2017 and can be found here.

Read the New Jersey Climate Adaptation Alliance's new two-volume report on anticipated climate change implications for water supply and possible management scenarios to address challenges in New Jersey.

​Volume I: Climate Change Adaptation in the Water Supply Sector - Basis and Background Document

Volume II: Climate Change Adaptation in the Water Supply Sector